Moorjani: You Are Love: So Allow Life, Live Fearlessly, Have Fun!

The title of this post is my attempt to cram in the message of a book I read this weekend called Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani, which I felt compelled to find and download while watching Wayne Dyer on PBS.

By all accounts, Moorjani had a miraculous life event.  She was rushed to the hospital one night in 2006, reaching the end of her two-year battle with cancer.  Doctors told her family there was nothing else they could do–that her death was imminent.

There, she had a near-death experience, about which she writes in detail in her book.  Many elements of her experience match that of others who have reported NDEs:  the amazing feeling of peace, connection with loved ones previously dead, an inexpressible sense of Oneness and a place where linear time is simply irrelevant.

She was told by her father (who had died previously) that she could go back if she wanted.   She chose to do that, while she witnessed the events in her earthly life unfolding:  her husband grieving, her mother crying, her brother who, having had a strange foreboding, had jumped on a plane to go see her before it was too late.

She knew if she returned, the cancer would be resolved.

So, she returned–30 hours after having lapsed into a coma, and over the next few weeks, her cancer shrunk and then completely disappeared.

That’s the background–which is interesting in itself.  But the main idea:  the main message is in the rest of this coherent book.  a message shared by a lot of saints, mystics and gurus throughout the ages.

If I could shamefully present her message in a four-bullet powerpoint presentation, these would be my key takeaways:

  • You Are Love:  We are all part of this Great Whole.  We draw from it, we give through it, we are it.  There is no separation between us and other life forms.  As a result, all fears driven by separation and all judgement is suspended.  We’re like a big reflecting pool:  We see ourselves in the sparkles of the light reflections on the water, but we can’t separate the drops one from the other.  This Big Pool is unconditional love.
    • She feels that her cancer (while being careful not to blame others for their sicknesses) was due to her repression of her self, and lack of acceptance of herself in an effort to please everyone.  She entreats everyone to realize their own magnificence.
  • Allow Life: Because we are Love and part of this Oneness, anything we do to force what we think should happen (as the result of judgments, perceptions and beliefs) is going to impede the life flow from going through us–it’s going to dam up that Love and render it ineffective.
    • So we need to find our center, we need to get to that Source within us and stay true to it.  We must not betray our own essence.  If we let life flow through us, the Love will emanate, and we have no need to fear.  Life will unfold as it’s meant to.
  • If we allow, and if we trust, we can then live fearlessly.   We can stop worrying; we can stop controlling ourselves and others.  We can just be.  That doesn’t mean we just sit around navel-gazing (although there’s a place for that).  But we accept the purpose of our lives as it unfolds.  If we listen to our inner selves, we will be drawn–we will know–what the next steps are, and we can follow them without anxiety.  It will all feel Right–we can stop trying to make the Universe a creation of our own limited projections.
  • Finally, don’t take life so seriously!  It’s a Garden of Eden still, in many ways.  If you draw away from Love by attempting to do the “right” things, you might feel like you are in a constant state of self-denial.  But following rules to “be good” for the desired effect, says Moorjani, is a backwards way of looking at things.  There is no punishment for the “wrong” way:  there are only misguided ways in which we fall away from the Source.   Instead of saying “If I do this, I will lose weight” or “if I do that, I will make my spouse sorry he hurt me,” simply fall back into line with the Source, and your actions will follow in tune.  For instance, instead of dieting, you may feel like you want to eat better because you honor your Self, and instead of controlling your spouse, you may stop wanting him/her to fulfill all your emotional needs–you have all the Love you need already and you’re ready to share that no matter what he/she does to you.
  • Bottom line:  “Your life is your prayer,” is what Moorjani says.  And prayer shouldn’t be a chore.  Your prayer should be your life  blurting out gratitude.
So, with my deep apologies to Anita Moorjani for paraphrasing her wonderful message so crudely, here is the main truth (You Are Love) and four implications it:  Feeling love and honoring your divine self, you are free–to allow Life to flow through you; to abandon your fears,  to act on the direction of the Voice within you, and to enjoy every moment!  Life is a ball!  Realize your magnificence!

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